A Structural Guide to Essay Writing

Whether you like it or not, essays are and will remain part of the academic curriculum. The academic studies might have changed over the past decades but the subject of essay writing has remained the same. Academic writing is still taught through the essay, and it is also used to test your grasp on topics covered in your curriculum and those outside of it. These understudies now and again counsel a legit essay writing service to get them out with this form of writing.

Many writers use the help of an essay writing service to help them with their pre and post writing process. Others take help from peers and instructors or take help from online courses and reading materials.

It is always beneficial to know the basics of essay writing and the essay components to speed up the learning process.

The Structure of the essay

The essay structure remains the same. The introduction and the conclusion paragraph framing the main body of the essay. The main body, however, doesn’t have to follow the strike 3-5 paragraph structure and can have as many paragraphs as necessary. In case you're searching for cheap essay writing service than look no further and send your essay subtleties to 5staressays.

The introduction paragraph

Essay hook

Start your introduction with something interesting, whether a statistic, an observation, an interesting fact, or a question to ponder over. This is meant to capture the audience and make them read further.

Background information (context)

To talk about the topic you will have to provide the context that you will be discussing the topic in. The background information should be around this context, and the complex the topic is the more comprehensive the background information can get. For great research paper topics, contact our expert essay writing group.

Thesis statement

The thesis statement is the main argument of the essay that you will write for in the writing. The thesis statement should answer the prompt directly and each and every salient point that follows after it should connect to it.

Non-specific outline

It is normal for the writer to hint at the outline of the essay for the ease of the reader’s navigation, without enumerating each and every topic that is to follow.

Main body paragraph

The main body paragraphs can either contain arguments or can support supporting information. The ones that hold the main supporting arguments and points can be broken down into these parts. For better words counter for essays visit 5staressays.

Topic Sentence

The topic sentence allows the reader to identify the main argument, claim, or point that the paragraph or the following paragraphs explain.

Background Information

Each idea should be given a further explanation before providing the reader with evidence and analysis.


The evidence is the most important part of the essay. Without it, the easy will become a collection of ideas and opinions. The evidence helps cement the ideas and turn them into theories that are well-grounded through evidence such as statistics, surveys, experiments, analysis, etc.


Once you provide the evidence it is important that you also provide the reason and explain to the audience why the evidence works and why it supports your argument.


Instead of hiding and ignoring the ideas that oppose your point or argument, you should address them. Brainstorming these counterpoints will help you in this process. The counterpoints will allow you to strengthen your own argument or point, by tweaking your argument in order to absorb the counter into the main argument.


The conclusion of the main body will connect the argument to the thesis statement.

Conclusion paragraph

In the conclusion paragraph— which is the shortest of the three paragraphs— you are not allowed to and shouldn’t add anything new to the essay. You are only supposed to go over the stated points.

Thesis restatement

The thesis statement should be restated in this part; here you will show the reader that you delivered on what your thesis intended to do.

Summation of points

It’s best to conclude with a summary of the various ideas and the main argument as a whole, helping the reader see the essay as a complete whole.

Call for action

Lastly, it is best to leave the reader with more research topics and areas where they should further.

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